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Wedding Day

Your special wedding day means special flowers. We take pride in arranging flowers for any style of wedding. Let us help with creating weddings flowers for the big day!

We offer three services:

Wedding Flowers Delivery

We deliver and set up the wedding flowers.

a la carte

We offer pickup at our Flowers! studio shop

with a DIY wedding setup.

Full Service Wedding Floral Design

We design the flowers for the location, deliver, set up and with the option of break down.

2024 Wedding

A special Day

A wedding is a joyful day of committing yourself to your partner and looking to the future. Flowers! takes the wedding day seriously as we work with you to create the flowers to complete the whole picture.

Working with us, we can design in the style that is for you. With inspiration images, mood boards, the venue and the attire of the wedding we can design from all the things you love. 

The  Full Service Wedding Floral Design we offer, takes the load off of you, for us to design the wedding flowers from the beginning to the end.  Give us the mood of the wedding and we will design the botanicals for the location.

We have an inhouse wedding planner who works with you to bring a cohesive overall look of the ceremony to the reception.

University of Idaho Arboretum

Your Wedding Vision

We are here to design flowers for your vision for your wedding day. Your thoughts, your emotions, your style are the inspiration when putting together flowers for your special day.

Palouse Knot Barn - Colfax, WA

Troy Park - Troy, ID

Wedding Day

We are here to help you with your special day. Whether it is a la carte, wedding flowers or Full Service Wedding Floral Design, let’s talk.

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