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Flowers! Garden Farm


The Flowers! garden Farm...

100+ year old family wheat

4th Generation Farm

Flower Farmer...

After years of living on the family farm, I thought I would grow a few flowers for my studio on a little spot I call the Flowers! Garden Farm. Flowers became my "farming" passion.

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farm website:

What do I do at the Flowers! Garden Farm?
3 things so far...

Flowers and such...

I grow annuals, perennials, woodies, berries, and various botanicals on the farm.


Anything that looks like it can become an art project makes way to the Flowers! studio.


I dry flowers, cut wheat from the farm, and look for fallen branches.

Thank you for visiting the
Flowers! Garden Farm page.

--Roxanne Bohman
Flowers! Roxanne Bohman