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We're here to help you with your event!

Small or Large

One, two, or many pieces, we are able and ready to help design flowers, greenery and other botanicals for your event.


We can do combo’s of fresh. dried, foraged, dyed/painted, and perhaps added art, metal, and the list goes on.


We can do events in your home, your business/office, outside in the wilderness, or have another location? Let’s discuss us.


We also offer Flowers! Personalized Custom Design Service taking any burden off of you with the flower design and give us the free reign of our creativity and off we go! We will deliver, set up, and if needed, take down the items.


Reach out to Flowers! at 208-596-9500, call or text.


Dyed Roses?

Let's Go!
Let's work together!

We Love to Design the Unusual

We love the challenge of designing the unusual. We are known for our creativity and the not so non-traditional flower arrangements. Have an idea? We are all ears!

Call or text Flowers! at 208-596-9500.

Having a Home Event?

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Planning an Event...
We are ready

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