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Custom Installations

Flowers, Plants & Art

Roxanne for her second year Art Walk in Moscow, Idaho for the Latah Recovery Center combined many elements to tell a story. She was asked to create art to show the journey of recovery. With that in mind, Roxanne started with darkness that evolved into color with her own motto:

                                 I Believe

                                 I Can

                                  I Am

Integrations of painted art, sculptural art, plants and deep thought became a 7 panel installation on display for a full year. When the installation was taken down, Roxanne donated some of her art to the Latah Recovery Center.

2018 Art Walk plants with green paintings

Living Wall with Art

The first year participating in the Moscow, Idaho Art Walk, for the Recovery Center, Roxanne created a living wall with complimenting painted art, plants, and handbags she designed. The space was to create an element of tranquil for people who visited the center; a space of calmness for everyone. We like the challenge of a story told through flowers, plants, art, and other elements.

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