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About Flowers!

What We Do
Who We Are

We love flowers!   We love plants!  

We love people!   We love nature!

We love design!   We love art!

 We are here for you!

Our Mission

The Flowers! mission is to spread the joy of flowers, art, and design with the hopes of  bringing a smile and a warmth to the heart.

Our Values

We believe flowers, art, and design enhance each and everyone of our lives and surroundings. Quality and the beauty of our products are important values we take seriously.



We do it the flowers! Art Inspired way


We love to reuse vases and other items as our way of recycling.


Old? Looks like junk? Beat up?  We like to put our creative “hat” on to repurpose items into art.


An item looking worn? Let’s give it a bit of attention and give it a new glow.

Flowers! Roxanne Bohman

Flowers! Store Front 2024

At the Flowers! Retail Shop

We are all about design! That’s our motto.

We are located in Moscow, Idaho on the beautiful region called the Palouse.

Flowers! is here for your every occasion flower needs, events, design services, helpful information through our Flowers! Blog, creating custom art inspired arrangements and art/botanical installations.

Wrapped Flowers

Name Change

We have changed our name Flowers! by Roxanne to Flowers! Roxanne Bohman to reflect the expanded direction in offering design services, more botanical options, and sharing information as we grew.

We usually shorten up the name to Flowers! Such a happy word to say.

Flowers! Garden Farm

2021-10-01 14.56.16-2

Flowers! Garden Farm

I have started to grow flowers on the family farm to use at the Flowers! studio. The goal is to design it as a garden and a farm at the same time. That’s how the name came to be. Woohoo for beauty of flowers!


Flowers! People

I have many people in and out of the Flowers! studio shop helping with various jobs and tasks. All are great to work with me side by side.

Each person brings something special to the customer experience and to Flowers! One big happy family!


Roxanne Bohman

-creative director

Design is my Passion!

Art is my Love!

Together they are my obsession!

As I design and build out the Flowers! website I will be adding a page about my journey, who I am, and what I hope Flowers! will become.

I am grateful for you visiting the Flowers! website…thank you,



Flowers! Blog/News