This is it!… the Flowers! blog

This is it! After years of imagining having a Flowers! blog, here I am, Roxanne, writing the first post!

With the launch of the new name and website, Flowers! Roxanne Bohman previously known as Flowers! by Roxanne, it was time to start writing about flowers, the garden, and art & design. The three areas of which my life revolves around. As the first blog this is about getting acquainted with you and myself. Not known as I writer in my circle of friends and family, they all didn’t know it is part of my obsession with the arts. Yes, all I think about, breath about, live for… is design and it’s constant companion art.

Art + Design + Flowers = Art Inspired. The basis, the soul, the driving force behind Flowers! Roxanne Bohman. Throughout the Flowers! journey blog and the website, I refer to the company with a shorten name of Flowers! I love the exclamation mark as it shouts out the positivity of flowers when spoken, when read, and when seen. Thank you Diane L. for the idea! Doesn’t everyone love flowers? Flowers give us emotions of joy, tears, laughter, comfort and a gift of love. Flowers can give a sense of grounding of the moment.

I never thought I will be in the world of flowers. Before I started this journey 7 years ago I barely knew what a tulip and a rose were. The beginning of the journey was one of the steepest learning curve I had ever encountered on any type of job. So many components to consider, more than putting a few flowers and greens into a vase. However, I am still here, loving every minute of it!

As I sign off from my first Flowers! blog, (WooHoo!) I want to thank you for stopping by and reading it. I hope you become part of the journey as I explore the flowers, garden, art and design within the Art Inspired Flowers! world.

Until we meet again…Thank you!